Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Summer English Classes for Adults


1 Weekend.
English Fluency. 
Infinite Fun.

What:    10 hours of Full Immersion Project Based Learning in English
When:    June 9/10   and/or    July 8/9
              Saturday & Sunday 2 pm-7 pm
How Much: €125 ( IBAN - 5% discount €118,75) 
*plus 2016/17 membership
For more information:  aiafrontdesk@gmail.com 
or 040 63 03 01

YES, You Can

Individual lessons are offered year-round. Together we’ll help you meet your objectives. €45 / Hour.

If you need to take the TOEFL or SAT, standardized tests required for study in the US, summer is the best time to prepare! Let’s make a plan.

*All Adult Students must be Members of the Associazione Italo Americana FVG. In June and July the Membership Fee is included in the price of the course.  You will need to fill out a membership form.
Summer Intensive Full Immersion for your Kids? (from Pre-K through High School?  Here is our SUMMER STEAM link.  

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